Daily aftercare procedure

Rinse your tattoo twice daily when bathing or showering. It is advisable to use perfume free soaps and shower gels during the healing process. Remember to only pat dry and never rub your tattoo. After 24hrs you will start to produce a scab that will protect the surface of your tattoo. It can be uncomfortable but you must be patient. Do not itch, pick or scratch your tattoo as it can remove colour and cause scarring. You can use simple moisturiser to help with itchiness and dryness; cocoa butter, shea butter or after ink.

During healing avoid;

Direct sun, chlorinated pools, saunas, sun beds, prolonged soaking. Scratching or picking. Sweat or strain from exercise. Clothing that may stick or rub.


The aftercare of your tattoo is of the utmost importance. If you follow the advice outlined here and take good general care, you should have no problems. If you do not keep to these procedures you can run the risk of local infections and possibly blood poisoning.

Infections can develop easily on a new tattoo since it is an open wound. Be sure when touching and applying cream or lotion that your hands are clean. Wear loose fitting clothing and try to keep the affected area in a comfortable position while healing. An infection usually is a result of neglecting aftercare. A sign of infection include excessive redness and heat, prolonged swelling and soreness, again if in doubt get in contact immediately with us.

When you leave abody you will have a clingfilm dressing. You are advised to keep this covered until the end of the day when you can commence with the advised aftercare.